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Tom Schmid as Captain Walker is an excellent foil for Ripley, particularly in their beautiful duets ... Alice Ripley and Tom Schmid are very good as Tommy’s parents ... Schmid, who has a lovely tenor voice, transmits tangible pathos for the son whose soul is locked away deep inside ... Ripley and Schmid are likewise prodigious vocalists and deliver strong characterizations as the wayward parents ... Tom Schmid sings beautifully as Tommy’s father
— Quotes from "Tommy" Reviews
Schmid is marvelous, wrapping his dulcet tenor around “Live Alone and Like It” and “Marry Me a Little” with breathtaking grace.
— David C. Nichols for the Los Angeles Times
Run to this ‘Hyde’ ... In the demanding role of Jekyll/Hyde, Schmid pulls out all the stops. He cleverly uses his steady tenor for Jekyll and allots Hyde a deeper baritone range, though in both cases he displays an impressive voice with enough sinew to sail easily over the music. Hearts surely flutter when he effortlessly tosses off the show’s big number ... Tom Schmid is amazing as Jekyll and Hyde ... Schmid’s transformation from the good guy, Dr. Jekyll, to the bad guy, Edward Hyde, is chilling ... In the exhausting leading role, Tom Schmid is exceptional ...
— Quotes from "Jekyll and Hyde" reviews
About Schmid’s performance as Captain von Trapp in last year’s Cabrillo Music Theatre revival, I wrote that he “captures all of the Captain’s complex mixture of coldness, repressed pain, military bearing, and fatherly adoration” and that his “golden pipes make his Captain von Trapp one of the best sung ever.” Ditto the second time around, in a performance that has only gotten richer over the passing months
— Steven Stanley for StageSceneLA.
Schmid is a revelation, adding a totally different dimension to the Captain. He is obviously in pain due to the death of his wife, but instead of hiding this by reverting back to the militaristic personality of a naval officer, his is an existence of sadness, which makes his transformation into a warm and caring parent (thanks to Maria) not as abrupt as in the film
— Cary Ginell for the Thousand Oaks Acorn.
Tom Schmid is a particular standout for both his expressive, smooth voice and winning chemistry
— Amy Nicholson for LA Weekly